Eco-Décor Delights: Yumi & Laurie Organic Blanquettes

Reader Contribution by Victoria Klein @ Victoriaklein.Net
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A hearty hello to you! Welcome to the brand new eco-home décor blog. My name is Victoria Klein–I’m one of the many writers who will be introducing you to the numerous facets of staying sustainable in your abode. 

Once a week, in my Eco-Décor Delights column, I’ll be acquainting you with some of the genuinely planet-conscious brands that can make your house (or condo or apartment) truly feel like home. 

It may seem a bit odd to do a post about cozy blankets during the dog days of summer, but these beauties are a year-round luxury. Yumi & Laurie was started by mother and entrepreneur Laurie Sukuzi, who used her travels as inspiration (which is very apparent in each unique design collection).

Nevis Collection. Photo Courtesy Yumi & Laurie.

All of Yumi & Laurie’s “blanquettes” (as they call them) are made from 50 percent organic cotton and 50 percent bamboo fibers. Currently available in five different collections, each collection features one design in four to five different color options, making it super simple to pick a favorite! Yumi & Laurie also recently released a baby blanquette collection in subtle pastels and a few strong primary colors. 

Milan Collection. Photo Courtesy Yumi & Laurie

So, they’re made from organic cotton and bamboo–pretty good, but that’s not the only green thing about these chic décor accessories. Yumi & Laurie’s blanquettes are: 

• machine-washable, which means no need for dangerous dry cleaning chemicals, and you can hang them out to dry 

• super-duper soft, so no need to use dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners 

• large in size, so you can cuddle under them alone, with a friend, or a loved one; then, you can turn down your heat in the winter or spend more time outside on clear, summer evenings

• made from high-quality fibers, so even after you wash your blanquette 100 times, it will still be strong and vibrant 

Furano Collection. Photo Courtesy Yumi & Laurie

If you’ve already taken a look at the Yumi & Laurie website, then you might be taken back a bit by the price (adult blankets are $235 each). Right now, Yumi & Laurie is holding a huge summer clearance sale, offering 50 percent off everything in its online store–the perfect time to stock up on bed-covering, couch-cuddling throws before winter hits.

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