Eco-Decor Delights: Yankee Candle’s Beanswax Collection

Reader Contribution by Victoria Klein @ Victoriaklein.Net
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We’ve talked about the dangers of paraffin-based candles before. The benefits of all-natural (beeswax and soy) candles are numerous, and many of you have told us you notice a difference.

As many large companies continue to integrate sustainable practices into their daily operations, one infamous scent-based brand has taken things a step further. Proclaimed “the #1 most-recognized name in the candle business and the country’s best selling candle brand,” Yankee Candle recently introduced its 100 percent soy wax collection, Beanswax.

Yankee Candle introduces a new line of 100 percent soy candles. Photo Courtesy Yankee Candle.

Yankee Candle’s Beanswax collection is made from soybeans grown on American farms. The Beanswax collection is currently available in three sizes and 16 refreshing, comforting and energizing scents. The large (9-ounce) and medium (18-ounce) tumbler candles are housed in recycled glass and topped with wooden lids ($19.99 and $24.99, respectively). If you’re on the go (or looks for mini-gifts), there’s also an easily-recyclable (and affordable!) travel tin ($5).

The Yankee Candle Beanswax collection is available in three sizes. Photo Courtesy Yankee Candle

Feeling crafty? No matter the size you choose, you can simply clean out the jars and reuse them around the house!

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