Eco-Decor Delights: Hova Design’s FabricPot

Reader Contribution by Victoria Klein @ Victoriaklein.Net
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No matter the season, growing herbs, flowers and vegetables indoors can be immensely gratifying. The sights and smells of burgeoning plants improve moods and indoor air quality, though the guarantee of fresh basil in your kitchen windowsill may be all the inspiration you need. 

Our culture has become increasingly design savvy. Hova Design, created by two gentlemen dedicated to “providing an innovative solution to the needs of gardeners and plants alike,” has taken gardening decor to another level. Their first product is called FabricPot, and it’s exactly what it sounds like–a plant pot made from fabric.

The two FabricPot shapes available: Frusto (left) and Silo, featuring fabrics from Angela Adams. Photo Courtesy Hova Design.

For gardeners, FabricPots have many benefits:

• Robust, unbreakable container

• Minimizes mold growth

• Prevents the re-absorption of soluble salts from fertilizers

• Allows plant roots to aerate properly and grow naturally

On top of being uber-useful for plants and gardeners, FabricPots have a number of eco-benefits as well:

• Fabric sleeves are made from 100 percent recycled polyester

• Pot bases are made from recyclable plastic

• Folds flat for shipping and storage

• Plants won’t dry out too fast or too slow, helping conserve water

A simple view of how FabricPots help plants reach their greatest potential. Photo Courtesy Hova Design.

Decor-savvy readers listen up–this is for you! Both FabricPot sizes are currently available in fabrics from Angela Adams, modern-casual designer extraordinaire. BONUS: FabricPots’ Angela Adams collection is currently on-sale at 40-50 percent off. Healthy plants, healthy homes, chic style–Hova Design’s FabricPots are a happy medium for everyone.

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