Eco-Decor Delights: Etsy Appreciation: Michelle Prosek Hand-Carved Fused Art Glass

Reader Contribution by Victoria Klein @ Victoriaklein.Net
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Ontario’s Michelle Prosek isn’t your average crafter. Her creative adventures began at age 5, when she sold her first handmade bracelet. Since then, Michelle has explored weaving, pottery, jewelry and photography.

Today, Michelle’s focus is dichroic glass, a glass that dates back to the fourth century and contains many ultra-thin layers of various metals and metal oxides. First, Michelle hand-carves each piece of glass. She then cold-fuses the initial carved piece with a solid piece of colored glass, creating her vibrant, graphic tiles, nightlights, art panels and necklaces.

Michelle Prosek’s glass tiles are available in several color and pattern combinations. Photo Courtesy Michelle Porsek.

Available in nine standard designs and countless color combinations, Michelle’s glass tiles are the newest edition to her home decor line. From berries and ginkgo trees to rain and mustard seeds, Michelle’s inspirations for her designs come directly from nature. These tiles are truly small masterpieces, perfect for using as feature tiles in a kitchen or bathroom. On a smaller scale, I’d put one of Michelle’s tiles on my desk to inspire me daily.

Nightlights get a modern upgrade from Michelle Prosek. Photo Courtesy Michelle Prosek.

Taking anywhere from 5 to 90 hours (!) to complete, Michelle happily hand-cut, carves, fuses and shapes every single piece featured in her Etsy shop. Each tile costs $100, but for a smaller investment, check out her nightlight covers, which are an affordable $35 each. Michelle has begun expanding the size of her work, creating gallery-worthy 12-inch-by-24-inch glass panels. With all of the usual outlets for glass covered, I’m eager to see what off-the-wall uses Michelle will come up with next. One thing’s for sure–whatever she makes next, it will be gorgeous.