Eco-Decor Delights: Etsy Appreciation: J Clay Pottery

Reader Contribution by Victoria Klein @ Victoriaklein.Net
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The debate of form versus function seems to be a never-ending one. Is it possible for an item to be both useful and attractive? Is it really necessary? From my perspective, form and function are not only a great pairing, but I believe their combination is vital. Life is too short to buy ugly stuff that works. Get the best of both worlds. If that means you have to shop around and be pickier about how you spend your money, then it’s all the better! 

Today’s eco-decor delight combines form and function seamlessly–all without sacrificing conscious sustainability. Settled in sunny Santa Monica, California, J Clay Pottery features all your favorite foodie items–mugs and plates to bowls and sake sets–in all-natural clay and nature-inspired colors.

A set of two, bright yellow “life is short, eat ice cream” bowls from J Clay Pottery are available at Photo Courtesy J Clay Pottery.

J Clay Pottery’s items aren’t just gobs of clay sold en-masse. Owner and founder Jeana Greulach hand-forms each bowl, mug, plate, server and bottle herself. She works at Santa Monica’s Clayhouse, a community-based pottery studio that shares her eco-focused mentality. Potters use and reuse their water.

A beautiful view of one of Jeana’s green messages (this one says “all natural ingredients”), located on the bottom of each creation.Photo Courtesy J Clay Pottery.

A particularly exceptional and eco-positive element of Jeana’s designs are her “signature” messages. Inspired by her two kids, Jeana and her family live a green lifestyle focused on organic and local foods. Extending those habits into her creations, Jeana includes encouraging “green” messages; a few of my favorites are “100% organic,” “homemade with love,” “life is a bowl of organic cherries” and “life is short, eat ice cream.”

J Clay Pottery is nontoxic, oven- and microwave-safe servingware that will make you smile each time you use it. Prices in its Etsy shop range from $25 to $90 per piece or set, all of which can be customized to include your own personal message (great for weddings!).

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