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Reader Contribution by Victoria Klein @ Victoriaklein.Net
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The notion that simple equals boring has been turned on its head, thanks to one small company that was inspired by bamboo–a “marvelous material.” bambu says it began to “build interest and appeal in renewable materials through our original designs and material innovations, and through our own imaginations.” It’s safe to say that have done that very well, landing on Time magazine’s Green Design 100 not once, but twice! 

bambu’s collections are a perfect example of eco-modern style. Photo Courtesy bambu.

Nestled in a small Long Island city just a half hour from Brooklyn, bambu creates its entire kitchen and home accessories collection from sustainable materials using fair-trade labor in China and Vietnam. Beginning with bamboo (of course), bambu has also begun creating products with cork and soybeans. With all the recent controversy of bamboo’s eco-credibility, bambu is dedicated to using “sustainably harvested” wood using water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives (much safer than petroleum-based glues; editor’s note: companies can use the term “formaldehyde-free” even if the product contains trace amounts of formaldehyde–please read editor-in-chief Robyn Griggs Lawrence’s blog post on bamboo). Planet-friendly packaging and partnerships with Green America1% For The Planet and the Grameen Foundation further bambu’s green credentials and showcases its commitment to making a difference. 

One of bambu’s most popular collections include colored lacquerware. Photo Courtesy bambu.

Even with all these great green elements, no one would buy bambu’s products if they weren’t affordable, stylish and functional. From cutting boards and woven baskets to utensils, bowls, and a dinosaur-inspired kids’ collection, bambu works well in every home. I’ve personally been oooh-ing and aaaah-ing over their colored lacquerware bowls for a few years now–would love to see my favorite cereal or macaroni and cheese recipe nestled in one of them. 

Which bambu collection is your favorite? 

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