DIY Christmas Wreath Crafts: Pinterest Inspiration

Reader Contribution by Susan Melgren and Web Editor
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What better way to greet guests to your home during the holiday season than with a welcoming wreath? We scoured Pinterest for some of the cleverest (or at least cutest) DIY wreath crafts, and here’s what we found. (To make it easy on you, we linked directly to the source to save you the hassle of trying to find the projects themselves.)

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Yarn Ball Wreath
This neutral white and gray “snowball” wreath can continue to be displayed after Christmas, but if you like, you can customize your colors in a more seasonal combination. For added texture, Two Junk Chix bloggers covered the wreath shape in burlap, wrapped a few balls in jute string, and included a handful of sweet gum balls.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath
For a simple look, attach vintage clothespins to an embroidery hoop and hang with a ribbon. This project is easy, affordable and adorable!

Pinup Wreath
Transform your Christmas cards into an artful wreath by securing them to an embroidery hoop with clothespins. Hang with a ribbon, and you’re good to go!

Book Page Wreath
This simple yet stunning wreath is crafted from the pages of an old book.

Newspaper Wreath
Similar to the book page wreath, this wreath is made from pages cut from a dictionary and folded into the shape of leaves. (If you don’t have a spare dictionary lying around, try recycled newspapers.)

Wood-Slice Wreath
Similar to our vivified vase project, this simple nature-inspired wreath is made from small slices of wooden branches. Blogger Shabby Love describes assembling the wreath as putting together a puzzle. Can’t find the perfect piece? Just cut one to size!

Framed Wreath
Ditch the conventional round wreath in favor of this square one. All you need are a painted picture frame, a few ornaments and a length of ribbon to create a stunning, colorful wreath for your front door.

Burlap Wreath
For a textured, well-worn look, make a wreath out of burlap fabric, hung by a ribbon.

Map Wreath
Appeal to the world traveler in you by turning maps old and new into a paper wreath.

Natural Wreath
Make a simple yet stunning wreath using natural, found objects.

Recycled Cans Wreath
Upcycle old soda cans into a unique-looking wreath.