DIY Backyard Projects for Summer

Reader Contribution by Ashley Houk
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As summer inches ever closer, spend some time building one (or more) of these DIY projects to create your ideal outdoor living space. We scoured our archives to inspire and help you design the perfect summer retreat—right in your own backyard! Whether you’re a grill-master or gardener, these additions are sure to impress guests and neighbors.

Photo by Adobe/alwayspp.

Fire in the Hole

Add a simple fire pit for ambiance and to provide lighting. They’re attractive focal points for any yard and serve as the perfect gathering spot for barbecues. If you want to show off your grilling skills, you could even add a grill grate.

Photo by Adobe/Anna Baburkina.

Grow Up

Vertical gardening is perfect for small spaces, such as balconies, but can look just as beautiful in a full-fledged backyard. Perhaps your yard is small and you want to save as much space as possible, or the soil quality is too poor to grow the garden of your dreams. No worries! A pallet garden will solve all your problems and barely break the bank.

Photo by Adobe/Krawczyk-Foto.

Serenity Pond

If you want to create a peaceful, relaxing sanctuary in your backyard, consider a garden pond. Basic ponds are simple to build and allow you add your own personal touches, like your favorite flowers. They also vibrancy and life to any space.

Photo by Pixabay/qimono.

Swing, Swing

Whether you’re young-at-heart or have grandkids, a classic rope swing will provide hours of entertainment. These simple swings can keep kids occupied during cookouts, dinner parties or before Fourth of July fireworks start.

Although most of us enjoy spending time nature, we often feel like we have to go “into the wild” to do it but that’s simply not true. A few small investments can create your ideal outdoor space—no travel required.

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