Decorating with Mirrors

Reader Contribution by Susan Melgren and Web Editor
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Decorating with mirrors is an easy way to improve your home’s interior design without spending a fortune. Like artwork, mirrors can be used to create a focal point in a room. Place large mirrors or a collage of smaller mirrors anywhere you would artwork. 

Position the mirrors in your home so that they can reflect the outdoors and catch natural light. Photo By Erin Williamson/Courtesy Flickr.

• In the bedroom, try placing a large mirror above your headboard. Keep in mind that it’s bad feng shui for a mirror to face your bed, however.

• In the living room, try placing a large mirror or a collection of mirrors above your fireplace, mantel or sofa. If reflecting the outdoors, mirrors can create the feeling of an additional window in the room. Try one large mirror to mimic a big picture window or three small round mirrors placed evenly apart to look like port holes on a ship.

• In the dining room, place a mirror above a buffet table or free-standing on a wall.

Don’t be afraid to go big! Large mirrors can make a statement–but a grouping of smaller mirrors can also create a bold, eye-catching focal point. When creating a collage of mirrors, look for mirrors with similar features to create a thread of cohesiveness to the grouping. Try mirrors of similar size with varying shapes, or varying sizes but similar shapes. You can also select mirrors of varying sizes and shapes with similar frames–or no frames at all! Start your collage by hanging the largest mirror first and spacing the remaining mirrors at even distances from each other.

A collage of smaller mirrors can be just as dramatic as one large mirror. Look for mirrors of similar size, shape or framing to make the collage mesh. Photo By Posh Living, LLC/Courtesy Flickr.

Mirrors have the added benefit of brightening up dark spaces by catching light and throwing it around the room. For this reason, they’re also useful at making a room seem bigger or smaller than it really is. For small rooms, prop a full-length mirror along one wall so that it touches the floor. Although it might seem counterintuitive to place such a large object in a small room, bigger mirrors reflect more of the overall space, making it feel bigger.

Be conscious of your space when placing mirrors. A mirror that reflects a messy desk, a cluttered bookshelf or a sink full of dirty dishes will do nothing to enhance your space. Only place mirrors where they can reflect a clean, light, natural setting.

Although conventional store-bought mirrors can be pricey, you can find mirrors of varying sizes, shapes and framing styles at flea markets, antique stores and salvage stores. Don’t forget to check Etsy, too!

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