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HomeAid partners with local charities to build temporary housing for homeless people.

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Why they’re crucial: Research indicates that more than 80 percent of the total homeless population consists of women, children and families that experience a life-altering event (such as job loss, a natural disaster or abuse) which drives them to homelessness. Getting a second chance to attain self-sufficiency is important to help situationally homeless individuals in finding a new permanent home.

HomeAid is a nonprofit that builds and renovates multi-unit shelters for America’s homeless families and individuals through local chapters in 17 locations across the country. Each chapter works with local building industries and homeless service agencies to identify the needs of the community’s homeless population, as well as builders willing to take on the project. Shelter projects are donated to local charities to operate.

What they do:

• Provide organization chapters with resources to develop temporary housing locally.
• Build temporary housing for homeless people.
• Partner with local charities to help shelter residents move toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

Did you know?

• Approximately 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year.
• HomeAid has provided housing for more than 240,000 temporarily homeless individuals.
• HomeAid has added 8,300 beds to homeless shelters across America.