6 Organizational Goals to Set for Yourself This Spring

Reader Contribution by Patrick Vernon
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Spring is a time of promise and rebirth. The flowers are starting to emerge from their winter’s sleep and everything looks blissful. That is, until you take a look at the chaos that’s threatening to invade every corner of your home. The way to conquer this is to introduce some order into your life. Start getting organized with these simple goals.

1. Out with the Old
In order to get your organizational mission on the right track, it’s a good idea to eliminate some of the rubbish that has come to occupy your home. Get the family together and create three piles: one for junk to be thrown away, one for items that you want to keep, and a third pile for possessions that you would like to keep but don’t have the space. Rather than keeping all your belongings in the home, seek out facilities, such as Alligator Storage,  where you can store your goods until you need them.

2. Don’t Add to the Junk
If your house is festooned with stickers, leaflets and other paper paraphernalia, ask yourself if you really need these items. Unless the design of the leaflet is really stunning and deserves to be kept, why not use your smartphone or tablet to record important dates and add a website link, if applicable. Once you’ve started this practice you’ll be amazed at how little paper you end up hoarding.

3. Start a Filing System
Despite the fact that the advent of the computer was supposed to herald a paperless society, we seem to hoard more paper than ever before. If you want to be truly organized, implement a filing system. Every time a bank statement or bill lands in your mailbox, you can place it in order by date to your file and easily keep an eye on the family budget. Any bill that’s over a couple of years old should be consigned to the shredder and then the trash bin.

4. Shop Smart
Shopping can be dangerous. It’s so easy to be persuaded that you must buy an item that’s on sale. But then you can end up with drawers full of unwanted, unused goods. A recent article in The Hull Daily Mail suggested that the pre-Christmas Black Friday sales are simply an excuse for the “I want culture” to proliferate and encourage consumers to indulge in spending just to obtain more stuff. Treat yourself, of course, but don’t buy things you don’t need or simply because others are doing so. 

5. Clean Regularly
If you are able to clean your house a little on a regular basis, you’ll soon notice that the dust won’t pile up, cobwebs will be swept away and you may even find that missing shoe you were looking for. Don’t leave cleaning the home for one mammoth annual occasion.

6. Don’t Forget to Socialize
Regardless of how tired you are after work, try to arrange at least one night a week when you can go out with your friends. Mark this in your planner and stick to it. Friends are vital, and you’ll soon find yourself organizing your life so that you can enjoy these relationships.