5 Easy Home Improvement Ideas for the New Year

Reader Contribution by Victoria Pitcher
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It’s easy to feel bored with your home’s look after a year’s time. Luckily you don’t have to begin a huge renovation to get a new look. Try these five simple home improvement tips to help your home feel like new without spending tons of money and time.

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Easy Home Improvements Ideas

1. Rearrange your living spaces. Moving around the furniture in your home will invigorate a room without you having to spend a dime. There are a variety of free tools online to help you layout your updated floor plan. The Make Room from Urban Barn, for example, helps you customize the dimensions of your room. Plus, this site has tons of customizable furniture pieces that are sure to match what’s really in your room.

2. Paint or hang wallpaper. Transform a dark room into a bright and cheery space with a few coats of paint. The color of a room can affect our emotional state and set the tone for our mood (see “Choosing Color for Your Home”).  If you don’t want to get out your paint tools, add wallpaper to one wall for an elegant accent and a pop of style. For some inspiration, check out our favorite wallpaper picks in “Wonder Wall: Stylish, Eco-Friendly Wallpaper.”

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3. Incorporate a few new home décor pieces. Consider adding a couple of new throw pillows or hanging new curtains. You could also incorporate a new area rug or add seasonal or holiday pieces. Bring the outside in by introducing a houseplant or a vase of fresh flowers. We have lots of tips for choosing upcycled pieces in “Natural and Recycled Home Décor,” and if you need help decorating with houseplants check out our suggestions in “Houseplants: Easy, Affordable Home Décor.”

4. Dress your bed with new bedding. Incorporate a brand new color scheme with a chic and stylish new comforter and sheets. At the same time, you can get rid of chemicals and toxins by choosing organic bedding. (Try these natural and organic bedding options.) Adding new accent pillows to old bedding is also a great way to make a small-scale change.

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5. Organize your spaces. If you struggle with a cluttered home, one easy way to make it feel fresh is to organize it. Don’t know where to start? We have all the tools you need to clear clutter and get organized in our Home Organization archives.

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