5 Closet Organization Tips

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Get your closet in order with our helpful organization tips.

The first step in organizing any room is organizing its closet. An organized closet allows you to maximize storage so you can better arrange what is displayed. Keep like things together and limit the function of any closet to two or three categories. For instance, a bedroom closet may hold clothes, shoes and extra linens. A family room closet may hold games, throw blankets and candles. A closet in the front entrance may hold outerwear, umbrellas and school backpacks. This helps prevent overloaded and overstuffed closets where everything is shoved in and piled high. Even if your closet is bigger than you need, limit the use of it. There’s nothing wrong with having space to spare!

Closet Organization Tips

When you start reorganizing a closet, take everything out. Categorize everything, purge what you don’t want to keep and organize what’s left (in this case “purging” may just mean moving something to a different closet). Before you rearrange, take a good look at the space you have. Be sure to use it efficiently before placing any items inside. In some cases you may need to temporarily put a category in a cardboard box or bag until you purchase the container or shelf that you want for your closet.

• Put in a second hanging bar that hangs below the one you have for more hanger space.

• Use vacuum-sealed storage bags for bulky items such as comforters and sweaters.

• Use a shelf topper on the top of your closet if you’ve got extra “head room.”

• Modify the shelves to suit your needs. Add shelves (build them or purchase ones you can attach to the wall) or make shelves higher or longer by relocating them.

• Use hanger holders that fit four or five pairs of pants or shirts if your horizontal space is tight.

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Excerpted from A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization by Debbie Lillard.

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