Feedback on Methane Digesters

Readers of MOTHER EARTH NEWS offer their observations on the use of methane digesters to create methane fuel from sewage.

| January/February 1973

Since military service is hazardous — at least mine sure is — not only to one's health but to his head as well, I want to say a special thanks for your spark of sanity in what seems to me to be an otherwise irrational universe. Your various articles turn my head back on to ideas and dreams that have been smoldering for years and now I know that they're not just fantasies . . . things can be done!

For instance, in reading past issues I got into the one containing information about building methane digesters and storage tanks for converting garbage into methane and, by correlating that material with a later article on propane conversions in vehicles, I came up with a light bulb.

The latter piece mentioned that running a car on methane wasn't practical due to lack of sufficient pressure in the storage tanks. How about a compressor run on methane that cuts into the system when pressure in the storage tank reaches a certain level? Collected gas could be pumped into another tank — preferably a conventional propane storage tank — from which the hot water heater, stove, etc. could be run and vehicle tanks filled. Don't know if this'll work but someone might like to try it.

James Glenn
Combat Camera Group
NAS North Island, Calif.

Yep, James, that's how it's done all right . . . at least that's one way to do it. —MOTHER EARTH NEWS. 

I just received MOTHER EARTH NEWS and am delighted by the interview with Ram Box Singh . . . the only objection I have is that the article gives the impression that Singh is the one and only experimenter with methane.

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