Using Wild Yeast To Make Pineapple Vinegar

| 10/10/2016 9:11:00 AM

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Wild Yeast to make Pineapple scrap vinegar TaylorMadeHomestead

I use a lot of vinegar in our home, it has so many uses! On any given day I'm using vinegar for cooking, cleaning or even hair rinse! I've tried unsuccessfully in the past to make apple cider vinegar from scraps left after processing and canning fresh apples into homemade Apple Pie Filling. But for some reason, the mixture always seems to go bad instead of being magically transformed into that miracle byproduct that is vinegar. So, I typically prefer to make my homemade vinegar with pineapple scraps.

Now this really is a win-win situation. I've never failed at my pineapple vinegar and it's so easy to make! I'll show you how I do it:

Gather Your Ingredients

To make my vinegar, I use the scraps that previously would have just been composted. I thoroughly wash and rinse the skin and cut off the top of a fresh pineapple. (You can plant the top and it'll actually produce a pineapple in 2 years!)

Then, I cut off the bottom and peel and core the pineapple. I have a handy-dandy *pineapple slicer/corer, so peeling and coring this pineapple took less than a minute! Now, it's time to enjoy that pineapple's sweet juicy deliciousness. (ummmmm...)

Pineapple cored in minutes TaylorMadeHomestead

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