Sugar Free Bread

Sugar-free bread needn't be bland or lacking in flavor. You can bake delicious loaves without using refined commercial sweeteners!

| September/October 1979

Although many North American cooks have never even heard of diastatic malt, this healthful sweetener is one of the most important ingredients in just about every loaf of bread baked in Europe and indispensable if you want to make leavened sugar-free bread. Despite its imposing name, the substance is simply sprouted wheat or barley. It would be hard to imagine a better substitute for sugar or honey!

As you probably know, "sweets" do a lot more than just add flavor to breads. Such ingredients provide a necessary feeding medium for the yeast and act as browning agents, as well.

Diastatic malt handles these chores efficiently and is economical (and easy to make! ) in the bargain. In fact, the flavorful grain even increases the nutritional value of bread by adding enzymes and vitamins and helps loaves retain their freshness. When malt is used in proper amounts, it improves both the taste and texture of "the staff of life" while providing another means of cutting down on the use of heavily refined white sugar.

Malt Mixin'

Non-pearled barley (the grain used in "traditional" diastatic malt) is difficult—if not impossible—for the home baker to obtain, so you'll probably want to make your sprouted sweetener from wheat.

Simply place one cup of the grain In a sprouting jar (any container with a capacity of five cups or more—topped with nylon net—will do) and cover the kernels with four cups of tepid water. After the wheat has soaked for 12 hours, drain It. (And as always, save this nutritious water for use in soups or in your bread.)

The sprouting process will take a day and a half to two days. During this time, make sure to rinse the tiny shoots three times a day to prevent molding. (If you set the jar by the kitchen sink, you won't forget to perform this chore when preparing or cleaning up after your meals.)

11/3/2015 8:35:21 AM

My absolute favorite bread recipe. Delicious, soft and sugar free. Yum!

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