Spotlight on Spring Varieties

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Meyer lemons are sweeter, juicier, more tender and less acidic than regular lemons, and they’re exquisite in lemonades and marmalades.

Black Radishes: Less juicy than red radishes but with more bite; excellent raw but also stand up to baking.

Cheddar Cauliflower: Just as delicious as its paler relative, but with 25 times more beta carotene.

Meyer Lemons: Sweeter, juicier, more tender and less acidic than regular lemons; exquisite in lemonades and marmalades.

Orange Thyme: You could get addicted to the citrusy-sweet fragrance of this herb staple.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Iron-rich and vitamin-packed; strong, spring-greens-flavored shoots.

Seckel Pears: Adorably snack-sized and exceptionally sweet; often called “sugar pears.”

Treviso Radicchio: Deep maroon heads with crisp white ribs; less bitter and more flavorful than many other radicchio varieties.

Spring Food Foraging: Wild and Ephemeral Edibles

Go foraging for these tasty treasures.

  • Brussels sprout tops
  • cactus pears
  • cattails
  • dandelion greens
  • fiddlehead ferns
  • lamb’s-quarters
  • miner’s lettuce
  • morel mushrooms
  • nettles
  • pokeweed
  • purslane
  • ramps

Looking for Local Food and Farmers?

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We Want Your Input

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