Super-Simple Limoncello Recipe and Other Summer-Infused Spirits

| 7/29/2015 9:32:00 AM

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Limoncello Summer Recipe 

I've had limoncello that was thick and tasted of lemon candy. The recipe below is lighter and has a more pure lemon flavor. 

But before we get to the recipe, a girlfriend who gardens in England wrote that she is overwhelmed with strawberries and asked what to do. (Poor dear!) I advised that she cut the berries in quarters into as big a jar as needed and cover with vodka.

When the berries are near white and the vodka is red, carefully strain out into bottles. Add a little simple syrup to taste. Put in the refrigerator and save for a gloomy winter day when a sip of sunshine will be most welcome. 

I should also mention: Should you have an embarrassment of raspberries, you'll want to do much the same as the strawberries: Rinse the berries gently and put into a bowl. Put on a nitrile glove and stick your hand in and just squoosh all the berries, in batches if you have a lot of them.

Keep squooshing until the berries are well broken, but don't use the food processor. You'll break seeds and that can be bitter — plus, you'll never get it well strained at the end. 

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