How to Roast Squash and Pumpkin Seeds

Hey, pumpkin carvers: Stop. Wait. Don’t waste all of those yummy seeds!

| October/November 2011

Pumpkin and squash seeds are loaded with protein and fiber, and they make a great energy-boosting snack or crunchy addition to many meals. Save these delicious and nutritious seeds from ending up in the compost heap in five easy steps.

Step 1: Soak 

Scoop out the seed mass of the squash or pumpkin, and rinse the seeds in a strainer under running water. Don’t worry about getting all of the pulp off, because soaking them for a while will make it easier to rub the pulp off later. Allow the seeds to soak in a bowl of brine (half a teaspoon of kosher salt per cup of water) for a few hours.

Step 2: Rinse and Dry 

Rinse the seeds in a strainer again, rubbing them between your fingers to loosen any remaining pulp. Scatter the seeds on a clean towel to dry for a few hours, or until they are dry to the touch.

Step 3: Season 

dave dee
11/5/2011 7:07:21 PM

heck ya, squash seeds are usually a bit more delicate, less roasting time

dave dee
11/5/2011 6:58:39 PM

I just take them straight from the pumpkin and into a cast iron skillet, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, mix well, roast at 275 degrees until nicely light brown. Add a nice sea salt, I like Murray River salt to finish. Yes, I eat the whole seed, delicious.

Shubhra Chandra
11/5/2011 4:16:22 AM

I've always assumed you need to shell it before you eat it - which is why I found eating it a pain. But you suggest seasoning without shelling first ... does that mean you eat it WITH the shell?

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