Roasted Eggs and Joe

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A 1653 edition of The French Cook
includes a recipe entitled “Eggs in the Moon Shine With Cream,” which is an
early version of what are known today as shirred
. Most often today shirred, or roasted, eggs are prepared with
cream, but they’re even better with coffee and cream. This recipe makes a breakfast for 1.


2 farm-fresh eggs

1 tbsp brewed coffee

1 tbsp cream

Pinch of salt

Generous pinch of


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Butter a small ramekin, and
crack the eggs into it. Whisk the coffee, cream, salt and sugar together. Bake
the egg for about 8 minutes or until the white is just beginning to set. Then
pour in the coffee mixture and bake for another couple of minutes to maintain a
runny yolk, or about 5 more minutes for fully cooked eggs.

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