Purple Sweet Potato Fingerling Salad Recipe

Reader Contribution by Mary Jane Phifer

We first had sweet potatoes as a mashed side dish when visiting Kauai a couple years ago.  I came across some slips from a seed catalogue and grew my first crop of sweet potatoes.  Last winter I made slips of my own from saved ‘taters and lo!  A bumper crop from 18 plants!

As I was digging them we discovered several fingerlings and smaller bits, so we came up with this salad which is good hot or cold!


• 2 pounds unwashed and untrimmed sweet potato fingerlings
• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
• 1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
• 1/8 cup honey
• 1 tsp salt (I like to use the red Hawaiian salt)
• 1 large or 2 small crisp, tart apples, diced (Macintosh or Jonathan)
• 1 cup broken walnut pieces
• 3 tbsp Greek yogurt, sour cream or drained kefir (optional)

1. Wash and scrub the fingerlings.  Their skin will be tender so they will not need to be peeled.

2. Trim the ends and any scars off the fingerlings and dice them into rounds, much like cutting carrots.

3. Place sweet potatoes in a large pot and cover with cold water.  Bring to boil and simmer until tender when tested with a fork.  It will not take too long!

4. While the sweet potatoes are cooking, whisk together the oil, salt, honey and vinegar.

5. Add the diced apple and walnuts, then toss to coat with dressing.

6. Drain the tender sweet potatoes, do not rinse, and add to apple-walnut-dressing bowl.

7. Toss lightly and add the optional Greek yogurt/sour cream/drained kefir.

8. Place in serving bowl and serve warm or chill in fridge for an hour or so.  Flavors will develop and improve with time, but that has not kept us from diving right in!

Enjoy your new favorite salad packed with healthy ingredients!

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