Preserving Red Bell Peppers for Winter

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Preserving garden red bell peppers for winter.

Preserving red bell peppers and other garden vegetables for winter eating.

We always have an abundance of just slightly blemished
sweet red peppers, one of our family’s favorite vegetables
to cook with, winter or summer. When it comes to preserving red bell peppers we core and chop the
peppers, spread the pieces in a single layer on a cookie
sheet and then freeze them. When frozen, we seal them in a
plastic resealable bag and enjoy peppers all winter long.

Fresh basil is another thing we preserve for our soups and
casseroles in the winter When it is abundant, we puree it
with enough oil to make a duck paste, then freeze it in ice
cube trays. One cube will season a sauce, more will make a
lovely pesto.

— Annelle Durham
Upper Lake, California