Making Mozzarella Cheese in One Hour

Reader Contribution by Jordan Moslowski
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By Jordan Moslowski
This kit makes both Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese.

I have never made cheese. I have never even thought about making cheese. When I think of cheese, I think of those giant wheels that have to be stored for years and years in a hole in the wall before you can even consider eating them. So seeing a DIY Cheese Kit in the Mother Earth News store that promises delicious cheese in just an hour made me pretty skeptical.

This specific kit offers the directions for two different cheeses: mozzarella and ricotta. I went with mozzarella, since it sounded easier to me. There are other kits available for those who want to tackle for different cheeses, like feta or yogurt cream cheese.  I was intimidated immediately; full disclosure, I didn’t understand all of the cheese-related jargon sprinkled throughout the directions. At one point in the instructions, it says something along the lines of, “Even if your cheese has failed, making it to this point is a huge deal!” I was sure that was written specifically for someone like me.

Once I began making my mozzarella, the directions made a lot more sense to me, since I was able to put the foreign words together with what I was seeing happen in my kitchen. Once I understand the vocabulary, the direction were clear and easy to follow. They even included helpful cartoon-like illustrations that helped guide you through what your cheese is meant to look like at each stage, and what route to take if your cheese isn’t matching the illustrations.

I really liked making my own cheese because it allowed me to salt my mozzarella to my preference, instead of depending on someone else to get the flavor just right. Since this kit comes with cheese salt (I never knew there was a specific salt just for making cheese), you can make it as bland or salty as you want!

I think my favorite thing about this kit was the fun facts and tips offered in the directions. It really helped me know what to expect when I was making my cheese, and it also just gives you a few interesting tips about making cheese!

One of the cons of this kit was the fact that mozzarella cheese does not last long once you have made it. This kit helps you make cheese my the pound, and I found it a little difficult to go through that much mozzarella in just a few days before it started to go bad.

Overall, this product was a ton of fun to use, and made me feel like I could actually accomplish something I had always thought would be too difficult for me. Though my mozzarella didn’t store for very long, it was delicious, and it made me feel really proud that I could make it myself – seriously, I called my mom and bragged about it, that’s how proud I was.

You can try your hand at making your own cheese by purchasing this kit from the Mother Earth News store!