May Apple Preserves Recipe

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This May Apple Preserves Recipe makes the most of this unusual fruit.

This May Apple Preserves Recipe makes a delicious fruit preserve of this unique, delicious fruit.

May Apple Preserves Recipe

Simmer two quarts of May apples (with stems and blossom ends
removed) in one cup of water until the fruit is soft. Then
pour the mass directly into a colander and press the pulp
through into a container, leaving the skins and seeds
behind. Add one box of Sure-Jell for every four cups of
cooked fruit, and bring the mixture to a boil. Finally, add
five cups of sugar, bring to a hard boil, and — after
one minute — pour the finished preserves into sterile
jars and seal with paraffin or canning lids.

(If you choose to use low-methoxyl pectin for this recipe
instead of Sure-Jell, you can substitute approximately
2 1/2 to 3 cups of honey for the sugar . . . or the spread
simply can be jelled without additional sweetener.
Remember, though, that preserves made in this way must be
“put up” in sterile jars with conventional canning lids. A
simple paraffin seal is not adequate to prevent bacterial
growth in low-sugar foods.)

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