Make Your Own Coffee Substitutes

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Grind your own grains for substitute coffee using a coffee grinder.

Discover how to make your own coffee substitutes and save money using natural grains, legumes and vegetables.

Coffee Substitute Recipes

Parsnip Postum Coffee Substitute Recipe
Wheat and Molasses Coffee Substitute Recipe
Chickpea Coffee Substitute Recipe
Barley Coffee Substitute Recipe

Make Your Own Coffee Substitutes

Coffee drinkers of the world, unite! Take a stand against skyrocketing java prices!

The South American plantation owners who produce the raw product . . . the people who buy and sell coffee on the “commodities
market . . . the makers of Maxwell House, Yuban Nescafe, and other major brands of Java . . . all would have us believe that the
only way they can indulge oar thirst for an aromatic dark-brown breakfast drink is to buy their wares and pay their prices, no
matter how outrageous those prices might be. It simply ain’t so/

There’s no reason in the world to spend up to $5.00 a pound for ground roast coffee (or up to $10 a pound for instant) . . . when
you can brew your own perfectly satisfying coffee substitute from inexpensive, readily available (not to mention wholesome and
nutritious) cereal grains and vegetables. Yes, cereal grains and vegetables. Back in the 30’s — when money (and coffee) was a
good deal scarcer than it is now — many people couldn’t afford to drink real coffee. Instead, they brewed a variety of mock
javas from barley, rye, wheat, oats, flax and other common foodstuffs. And in some cases, the dark-brown beverages that resulted
were said to have a significantly better flavor than real coffee.

Whether the mock Javas listed below are better — or worse — tasting than your favorite freeze-dried or ground roast
coffee is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. One thing is certain, however: Unless you do try one or more of the
following concoctions, you’ll never know bow satisfying coffee substitutes can be . . . and you’ll never know how mach “coffee
money” you might have been able to save!

More Coffee Substitute Ideas

Parsnips, wheat, chickpeas, and barley aren’t the only ingredients that can be used to make rich, good-tasting coffee

Oats, fax, rye and (of course) chicory can also be made into delicious Java-like beverages . . . or coffee extenders. (Think how
far you can stretch your coffee dollar by combining any one of the above ingredients with your favorite ground roast coffee!)

The high price of jaya got you down? Relax. Brew up some Parsnip Postum or Wheat Java or Chickpea Surprise or Barley Brew (see the recipes at the top of the article): Have a
good hot drink. And think of how much money you’re saving!

More information on the making of coffee substitutes can be found in the booklet Mock Java, available for $2.00
(plus 75¢ postage and handling) from General Printers, 13483 King George Highway, Surrey, B.C., Canada B3T 2T8, or from
MOTHER’s Bookshelf, P.O. Box 70, Hendersonville, N .C. 28739. — The MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors.