Chickpea Coffee Substitute Recipe

This Chickpea Coffee Substitute Recipe makes a low-cost, natural coffee-flavored drink using roasted chickpeas.

| September/October 1977

Make your own natural coffee using this Chickpea Coffee Substitute Recipe.

Chickpea Coffee Substitute Recipe

Garbanzo beans — plain chickpeas — also make a satisfactory coffee-like drink, according to Irene Potter of Neosho, Missouri. All you have to do, Irene says, is [1] roast some chickpeas in a 300 degree oven until they're "the color of roasted coffee beans", then [2] grind the brown-black nuggets, (in a blender, coffee grinder or Corona-type mill) to the consistency of canned percolator-type coffee. ("Bigger chunks are better than a very fine grind," Ms. Potter advises. "They leave less residue in the pot.")

To prepare a pot of "chickpea coffee", simply measure the ground chickpeas the same as you would regular Java, perk them in a percolator until the liquid looks like fresh-brewed coffee, pour, and enjoy. If you don't have a percolator, just boil the chickpea granules in water. (Be sure, though, to let the boiled pot stand for a few minutes before pouring — or else use a tea strainer — to keep "sludge" from finding its way to the bottom of your cup.)

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1/3/2018 11:20:03 AM

Do you use dry ones or canned ones?

1/3/2018 11:19:50 AM

Do you use dry ones or canned ones?

7/15/2017 9:50:29 AM

Yes Yes Yes I'm making my own organic dry Garbanzo cofee every week cause me and my husband is not driking Coffee cause we get rid of caffeine . We are drinking Garbanzo beans coffee since 2014 until now and we feel healthy ang it's good for colon cleansing cause of high fiber content. and we add Almond coconut milk and honey or blackstrap molasses hmmmm try it and you will become healthy like us. thank you.

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