What Cooking Skills Would You Like to Learn?

Reader Contribution by Staff

Just a few generations ago, people knew how to make stock, braise vegetables, fashion a pie crust, julienne a carrot, debone a chicken and roast a turkey. But a peek into most kitchens today finds clueless cooks — if they are to be found in the kitchen at all! Hopefully, this summer’s big screen adaptation of the popular book Julie & Julia will go a long way toward inspiring people to get back to the basics of cooking. But we’re curious: What are some culinary skills you’d really like to gain? Are you interested in learning how to use knives with confidence, make homemade pasta, choose the rights cuts of meat or prepare vegetables to their best advantage? Do you wish you could put away more food? Maybe it’s time to learn how to can and dry foods, and which foods freeze with ease. Please use the comments section below to expound on which kitchen skills you lack. We want to help!

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