How to Use Carrot Pulp

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This cookbook has a variety of ideas on how to use carrot pulp that is left over after juicing carrots.

The author shares how to use carrot pulp in bread and dessert recipes.

Using Carrot Pulp in Recipes

Carrot Pulp Marmalade Recipe
Carrot Pulp Bread Recipe
Carrot Pulp Cookies Recipe

How to Use Carrot Pulp

Carrot juice — as you know — is a very healthful
and tasty drink. If you’ve ever made this beverage
yourself, however, you’ve probably been amazed at how much
pulp is left over after putting a few carrots through the
juicer. The question is, what can you do with all those

Until last year, the carrot pulp from my kitchen went
straight to the compost heap (along with other kitchen
scraps). But then I started thinking what a shame it was to
have to waste all that food. After all, it was still orange . . . which meant it was almost certainly still loaded with
carotene (a vitamin A precursor) and other nutrients.
“Wouldn’t it be great,” I mused, “if there were some way to
put all that nutrition back into the family diet?”

Without further ado, I started to research some old recipes
that seemed suited to my purpose . . . and — after many
hours in the kitchen (which is not my normal domain) and
many failures — I finally came up with recipes for
three surprisingly good carrot-pulp creations: a marmalade,
a cake-like bread, and cookies. (See the recipes at the top of this article.)