Zero-Waste Carrot Powder Recipe

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In the spirit of honoring our interdependence on things we usually think of as mundane, don’t toss your carrot peels. Instead, dry them, grind them and transform them into a powder. I find that the peels pack quite an intensely earthy and carroty flavor.  I use the powder to dust soups, salads, add to bread dough and rim whisky glasses, as one would a margarita.


  • Carrot peels


  1. Each time you have carrot peels, store them in a freezer container. When full, thaw and dehydrate. If you have a dehydrator, spread out the peel and use the vegetable setting. Otherwise, place the peels on a wire cooling rack, allowing some space between them so that air reaches all sides. Turn the oven to its lowest setting, place your rack on a baking tray and leave the peels to dry for 5-6 hours. They are ready when they are dry to the touch but not yet brittle.
  2. Blitz in a food processor or coffee grinder to a powder. Store in an airtight jar for up to three months.

How do you honor your relationship with food when you eat? “Les carottes sont cuites. Je répète. Les carottes sont cuites.” The carrots are cooked. I repeat. The carrots are cooked. So began the BBC broadcast on 5 June 1944, enigmatically alerting the French that the Invasion of Normandy had begun. Never rationed, carrots were praised for supposedly enhancing the eyesight needed during blackouts and raids. Resourceful cooks turned carrots into cakes, curries and Christmas puddings. Carrots represented honor. To honor carrots, I waste not by making this zero-waste carrot powder.

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Reprinted with permission from The Mindful Kitchen: Vegetarian Cooking to Relate to Nature by Heather Thomas and published by Leaping Hare Press, 2019.