How to Make Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

| 7/7/2009 4:25:19 PM

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I don't know about you, but I love foods made with mascarpone cheese, even though I inevitably always mispronounce it. It's that triple-cream cheese that's used in making tiramisu and a whole host of very tasty sweet and savory Italian dishes. You can also serve it with fruit or it can be mixed with cocoa or coffee.mascarpone cheese

Unfortunately, it's also very expensive to buy, that is, if you can find it in stores. However, luckily for us, it's actually quite easy to make yourself.

Homemade Mascarpone Cheese Recipe

16 ounces (not ultra-pasteurized) organic whipping cream
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Bring 1 inch of water to a boil in a wide skillet. Reduce the heat to medium-low so the water is barely simmering. Pour the cream into a medium-sized heat-resistant bowl, then place the bowl into the water in the skillet.

Heat the cream, stirring often, to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. It will take about 15 minutes of gentle heating. Add the lemon juice and continue heating the mixture, stirring gently, until the cream curdles. The whipping cream will become thicker and will cover the back of your spoon thickly.

When the cream reaches the temperature, keep it at that temperature for 5 minutes. Then remove the bowl from the water, and let the mixture cool for about 20 minutes. In the meantime, line a sieve with four layers of dampened cheesecloth and set it over a bowl. Pour the mixture into the lined sieve. Once it is cooled completely, cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate in the sieve overnight or up to 24 hours. Transfer to a sealable storage container or your mouth, whichever comes first.

Yields about 12 ounces.

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7/13/2014 3:32:39 AM

Or where can i buy it ? You can find the answer here:

2/6/2013 4:12:15 PM

Pasterizing...heating dairy to kill bacteria breaks down the basic structure of milk/cream. Ultra pasturizing uses even more heat to break it down and stabilize it so that the shelf life is greatly increased. This changed structure doesn't react the same as raw or simply pasturized product. Getting good or consistent results is nearly impossible. Unfortunately most dairy product anymore are ultra pasturized so they can stand long term storage for marketing. Using these products for cheese making is not advised. Trying to find a more natural, less altered dairy product can be difficult due to federal and state laws conserning dairy products. I would suggest an organic or natural products store.

2/6/2013 4:04:25 PM

Coconut milk is not a dairy product at all. You can use it for cooking and drinking but if you try to make cheese, sorry, that's not what you'll get.

richard schmitt
1/2/2013 3:40:41 AM

Can this be done with Canned Coconut Milk??

stamer grovel
8/3/2012 7:00:42 AM

It looks nice, delicous food

matti prevost-hart
5/2/2012 3:51:17 PM

I was confused by that, too, but I think the it's the 190 F referred to above that point in the recipe.

bob rinehuls
3/12/2012 6:36:34 PM

Why can't you use ultra-pasteurized cream? I use it to make yogurt, sometimes without heating.

kimberley davis
3/12/2012 3:56:11 PM

Deanna, after you add the lemon juice, what temperature am I bringing it to and keeping it at for 5 minutes?

maria ledesma
11/11/2010 7:22:47 PM

Thank you!

jean taua_1
8/3/2010 4:26:10 PM

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