Kitchen Tips: How to Keep Eyes from Watering When Cutting Onions and How to Reuse Vegetable Water

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Photo by Fotolia/minadezhda
Follow this reader-submitted tip to cut back on tears while cutting onions.

I’ve figured out how to keep eyes from watering when cutting onions. I keep a few votive candles near my cutting board, and light one whenever I slice an onion. I light all three when I need to cut multiple onions for salsa or canning. I’m not sure why, but they keep my eyes from tearing up!

Also, try using plain, unsalted water to steam vegetables. Let the leftover water cool, and then water your houseplants or a flower that’s having trouble blooming. My plants seem to grow and flower even better with this water than if I’d used bagged, store-bought fertilizer.

M.J. Rathe
Filley, Nebraska