How to Freeze Peppers

Reader Contribution by Monica Sharrock

Do you have an abundance of fresh peppers? If so, this simple freezer preservation method may be for you.


1. For bell peppers, take and slice off all sides. For me, this usually is four slices per pepper. For banana peppers, I usually slice from the bottom, making little rings. You can also follow this method with bell peppers, for a pretty look.

2. Place slices in a freezer-safe quart bag, taking care to make sure as much air is out as possible.

3. Add quart bags to a gallon freezer-safe bag. Place in freezer.

NOTE: You will be able to add a few quart bags to one gallon bag. Adding quart bags to a gallon bag keeps the peppers extra freezer-safe and makes storage handier.

This is such a simple method to preserve peppers. My favorite part about it is that I can pull out a not-yet-full quart bag from the freezer and add pepper slices as I have them ready. Sometimes, I only have slices from a couple of peppers to start a quart bag with. Using this technique though, I can add to my stores as needed. The beauty of this is that it’s a very non-overwhelming way to stay afloat of your food preservation, and you don’t have to wait until you have tons of peppers to do something with them.

Using Your Frozen Peppers

Simply remove desired amount of pepper slices from a quart bag. Reseal the quart bag immediately and return it to the freezer. Rinse the peppers with warm water, and it will quickly thaw them out. You can even place them in a bowl of warm of water for a few minutes, if desired. Take your peppers and chop into tiny pieces or long strips, depending on your need. Add to chili, spaghetti, soup, etc.