How to Cook Sweet Corn: Readers’ Favorite Techniques

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Photo by Fotolia/Brent Hofacker
Eating sweet corn during summer is a delicious, time-honored tradition.

We asked members of our Facebook community how they prefer to cook and eat sweet corn, and their answers started cropping up before we could say, “Butter!” We’ve included some of our favorite ideas below for when your sweet corn crop is ripe for the pickin’.

• Corn tastes wonderful when grilled in the husk. When finished cooking, remove the husk and then smother the kernels in pesto. After you’ve had grilled corn with pesto, you’ll never go back to butter. — Diana Wise
• Shuck the corn and rub the kernels with a little oil. Put the cobs directly on the grill until they brown a bit. Serve with butter that’s been mixed with lime juice, cumin and chili powder, or plain old salt and pepper. — B. Claire Grubb
• Instead of spreading butter on grilled corn, try mayonnaise. Sometimes I also sprinkle on chili powder or smoked paprika. — Jeff Butler
• Eat sweet corn raw while standing next to the stalk you just picked it from. — Gale Fiebig
• Try corn on the cob covered in peanut butter and wrapped in bacon! — Helena Bucket
• I like sweet corn best when served without pesticides. — Connie Harrell-Wold
• Try to boil sweet corn within five minutes of harvesting. When it’s finished cooking, dust the cob with shredded Parmesan cheese. — Kate Tossey
• Why destroy the poor thing? Just cut sweet corn off the cob and add the raw kernels to a taco or salad along with some salsa. Corn is sweet and crunchy when eaten raw. — Jacqueline Jacie Hodge White
• Soak sweet corn in water all day with the husks on, and then grill it. — Tracey Preston
• Mix cooked corn kernels into creamy mashed potatoes! — Kriss Luckett-Ziesemer
• Try grilled sweet corn with a squeeze of lime juice and a dash of salt. — Lori L. Boden
• When boiling sweet corn, add milk and butter to the stockpot. — Carrie Lynne Gregg
• Grill corn, and then top it with butter, Cajun seasoning, lime juice and Cotija (a hard, crumbly Mexican cheese). — Jennifer Tippetts
• Pull the husk back but keep it attached, and then wrap the cob in raw bacon. Pull the husk back up and then wrap the whole thing in foil with a little bit of water and steam it. The bacon flavor is so good. — Dianna Kephart Wagner
• I eat sweet corn plain, right out of a pot of boiling water. That’s the tastiest and the healthiest! — Laura Bougeois Dominguez

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