How to Cook Rhubarb

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How to Choose: Buying Rhubarb

Look for unbruised, firm, crisp stalks with the most vivid red color. Avoid stalks that are stringy or decaying at the ends.

How to Use: Rhubarb Cooking Tips

Rhubarb cooks down into wonderful sauces, condiments and dessert fillings. It can also be fermented into a lovely fruit wine. To prepare rhubarb for most recipes, remove the leaves and the coarse ends, then slice the stalks into the size of pieces your recipe requires. Because of rhubarb’s high acid content, use nonreactive cookware. When experimenting with your own recipes, be cautious about how much liquid you add, because the stalks contain a great deal of water.

How Not to Lose: Preserving Rhubarb

Rhubarb stores quite well in the freezer — just wash and cut it into manageable pieces, then store it in freezer bags to use until you have access to fresh rhubarb again. Or try turning it into yummy rhubarb pickles.

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