Basic Cheesemaking (Video)

Gianaclis Caldwell, author, farmer and cheesemaker, gives step-by-step instructions to help even the most inexperienced of cheese lovers cook up their own creations.

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In this presentation from a 2015 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR, Gianaclis Caldwell demonstrates how to make “three-in-one” cheese, which serves as the basis for several types of cheeses and transforms depending upon preparation methods. This is a great jumping-off point for anyone wanting to learn the art of basic cheesemaking.

Cheese is about coagulating the proteins and trapping the butterfat. Three main variables affect the outcome of this particular cheesemaking process: type of milk, type of acid and the temperature at which the ingredients are combined. A high fat milk will produce a creamier cheese, whereas skim will produce a more crumbly one. Aside from this, herbs, spices or liquid smoke can also be added to alter flavor. Finally, the pressure at which the curds are pressed will also help determine the cheese’s density.

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