Home-Cured Bacon Recipe

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After using the Home-Cured Bacon Recipe smoke your bacon in your homemade smoke box.

Learn how to make this Home-Cured Bacon Recipe using a sweet and salty curing liquid then smoking it in a homemade smoker.

Home-Cured Bacon Recipe

Bacon is cured by placing in a solution made of 5 1/2 gallons of water, eight pounds of salt, two pounds of sugar and two ounces of saltpeter. It should cure in the solution about four days to the pound. Again, like the ham brine recipe, watch for the brine to turn sour and make new brine if it does. This time, however, you will mix the second brine for the bacon in exactly the same proportions as the first. When the bacon is cured, suspend it in your smoke box or lay it on the wire shelves and smoke for 24 hours at less than 100 degrees, then increase the heat and smoke it for at least another 24 hours. As before, smoke the bacon until it pleases your eye and palate.

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