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Reader Contribution by Dede Ryan
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If you are like Steve and me, you have several parties and dinners coming up. This is the time of year when home canning over the summer is a real delight – for you and for the hosts that receive your special gift. A jar of homemade jelly or preserves paired with fresh home-baked gingerbread cookies is a welcome treat.

This year I also found some really fun gift bags that highlight the canning theme. That was my only expense ($4 each). Everything else I had on hand. If you are cleverer than I am and think ahead, you could stamp or paint customized images on a plain bag. Here’s what you need to make one gift bag.

Materials needed:

• 1 gift bag
• 1 gift tag
• 1 jar jam, jelly, preserves
• 6 gingerbread cookies
• 1 12-inch square of cellophane
• 1 12-inch square of tissue paper (red, white or green)
• 1 plastic sandwich bag
• Twister tie
• Ribbon or yarn


  1. Place canned item in the bottom of the bag.
  2. Put cookies in a sandwich bag and seal securely. Place the cellophane on the table first, then the tissue, then but the bag of cookies in the middle, pulling up the four corners and making a pouf at the top. Secure with a twister tie. Then tie a ribbon or yarn around the tie to hide it and make the package more festive.
  3. Place the wrapped cookies on top of the jar in your gift bag and add a tag. Simple, fun and inexpensive!

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