Get Grindin’ With a Hand Grain Mill

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Photo by Alexander Wang
A hand-cranked grain mill can grind a wide variety of products in addition to wheat.

Ever since we acquired a hand-cranked grain mill, we’ve been eating freshly ground grains, beans and nuts nearly every day. Apart from baking whole-wheat bread, pancakes and cornbread from ingredients we grind ourselves, we’ve also tried some innovative combinations that were not possible without the mill. For example, we can bake a cake that tastes like chocolate by including freshly ground adzuki bean powder and brown jasmine rice powder in the recipe.

Our main use of the grain mill is to grind wheat kernels. After you taste bread made from newly milled flour, you won’t find regular bread satisfying anymore. And it’s not just the taste; fresh flour is nutritious — even more than the whole-wheat flour sold in stores. Industry-produced flour is void of the bran within the kernel, which, despite being nutritious, would cause the flour to go rancid quickly on store shelves and is therefore removed.

A grain mill makes enjoying delicious and nutritious flour possible anytime you want. Although it takes some extra time and effort, it’s worth it — and the grinding is half the fun!

There are many brands of grain mills out there. The one we bought is the Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill, shown above, and available through Wonder Mill.

Alexander Wang
Kanata, Ontario