Gluten-Free Breakfasts on the Run

Reader Contribution by Wendy Gregory Kaho
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Breakfast in a hurry has to start with a plan. Planning is the critical factor in the gluten-free diet because we can never be sure there will be safe food anywhere. From the workplace, to school, and traveling, there may not be something filling, healthy and gluten free if you dash out the door without breakfast. There are lots of bars on the market that are gluten free, but they can be expensive. I do keep Larabars stashed in the car and in my purse for emergencies because they give me a burst of energy and I can keep my wits about me and make good decisions on what to eat next. I find that I am most at risk for getting accidental gluten when I’m hungry and shaky and don’t ask the right questions or miss an ingredient on a label when all I want to do is get some quick calories. So planning and having quick foods we can grab and go is the key to getting out the door in the morning with a good start. 

 Making your own power or energy bars is an inexpensive way to have them on hand. With all the extra food sensitivities that seem to travel with gluten issues, it’s also a way to control the ingredients in your bar to customize it to your tastes, allergies, and food sensitivities. As I was combing my blogging friends’ recipe pages, I found that Elana of Elana’s Pantry not only posted a new recipe for chocolate cranberry power bars, but linked to more recipes. I’ve never gone wrong with a recipe from Elana’s blog or her book, from quiche to fish cakes to cookies. Try Backcountry Power Bars or Mile High Energy Bars from the skiing, yoga-loving nutrition therapist, Melissa at Gluten Free For Good, for an extra boost of energy in the morning. See how Heidi at Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom adapts a recipe to make gluten-free bars she wraps individually so they are ready to go.

So round up all the nuts, dried fruit, cereal, and seeds you have and combine them to make your own quick burst of energy for those rushed mornings as you’re flying out the door.