Preserve Your Corn Harvest by Freezing Corn

| 7/17/2015 1:06:00 PM

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Do you want to preserve fresh corn for a winter’s stash? Here are some tips on how to prepare corn for the freezer, and a recipe for soup stock made with the leftover cobs.

If you grow corn, it is a great idea to preserve your harvest. Those golden kernels are indeed like gold. You want to enjoy it more than a few weeks of the year, so you want to preserve the freshness of this summer crop. I wouldn’t recommend buying fresh organic corn to preserve, unless you find a really good deal in your region. Fresh organic corn goes for a dollar or more per ear in Maryland, so it may be more cost effective to buy frozen corn at the food coop as needed and focus preserving efforts elsewhere. But if you grow corn, it is a great idea to preserve your harvest!  

After you stash away a couple weeks’ worth to eat fresh, it is time to preserve some of the harvest for later. Mine holds for a couple weeks in refrigeration, but tucking it away should happen as soon as possible.

I like to freeze my corn. I freeze corn off the cob in small portions, blanching and freezing it in two cup portions in Ziploc bags. Blanch for two minutes or until the water begins to boil again. Try to avoid over-boiling or you will overcook and toughen your corn.

I used a serrated knife and sliced kernels off the cob, but I will probably buy a kernel slicer if we are going to grow lots of corn each year. It is a little tricky to cut the kernels just right so as not to take on the chewy husk or waste part of the kernel. So the blade of the kernel slicer will guide me and speed up the process.

8/18/2015 12:33:20 PM

We prefer our corn frozen over canned so we go ahead cook the corn after cutting it off the cob then freeze it in two serving portions. I do not grow enough to do us all year so we have to purchase some of our corn but we have a source that is reasonable priced and not GMO so that is what we use to fill out our needs.

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