Which Grass-Fed Beef Labels to Trust

Find grass-fed beef by looking for these verified grass-fed labels on your meat packages.

| December 2015/January 2016

If you’re trying to buy more grass-fed beef, you may be one of the smart shoppers who knows that meat from grass-fed cattle is higher in key nutrients, including crucial omega-3 fatty acids (learn more about these in Richard Manning’s article Omega-3s and More: The Importance of Fat in a Healthy Diet).

Raising cattle on carefully managed pasture will also lead to healthier animals, whose meat is less likely to carry foodborne pathogens. Grass-fed production offers major environmental benefits, too, such as carbon sequestration. (For more on these topics, see The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat.)

But labels can be misleading. Here are the verified, meaningful labels to look for to ensure your beef is from cattle that were grass-fed from birth to slaughter:

American Grassfed Association: Certifies producers using independent auditors.

Food Alliance Certified Grassfed: Also uses third-party verification.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Grassfed + USDA Process Verified: The USDA or a contracted independent auditor has verified compliance.

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