Introduction to Fermentation With 'SandorKraut'

Reader Contribution by Staff

One of the oldest way to preserve foods is through various methods of fermentation. Sandor Katz is a long-time fermentation expert, beginning with homemade sauerkraut and moving forward into all sorts of fermented foods and beverages. His earlier book, Wild Fermentation, explains the basics behind lactic acid fermentation, which relies on the natural bacteria within all vegetables. His latest book is entitled The Art of Fermentation, and focuses more on the cultural traditions of food fermentation methods.

In the video below, Katz expounds upon the virtues of using bacteria to lengthen the shelf life of foods. This video was recorded from part of the presentation Katz gave at the 2012 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seven Springs, Pa. 

You can find out more about Sandor Katz, affectionately nicknamed “SandorKraut” at his Wild Fermentation website. 

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