Farm to School Month

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The sad state of school lunches has been a rallying point for parents, teachers, food activists and gardeners across the country. School gardens, Farm to School programs and menu changes are quickly spreading, with the hope of revitalizing the nutrient content of school-provided lunches and curbing the growth the waistlines on our nation’s children. 

This year, October has been declared Farm to School month. The timing is perfect, as fall harvests signal a time to celebrate a growing season well spent. Now that gardens have been tended and crops have been brought in, it’s time to enjoy the bounty of our local farmers and gardeners with seasonal meals featuring fresh, local ingredients. The ultimate goal is to make this a daily reality for kids eating the lunches provided by their schools. 

Food activist and journalist Michael Pollan recently released a video in honor of National School Lunch Week as part of the Nourish Short Films project. He notes several reasons to take action, including those mentioned above, and offers some options for how to start making a difference in your area. 

You can find out more on how to bring an event to your area at the Farm to School month website.  

This blog has been posted as part of Blog Action Day, which is this Sunday, October 16.