Electric Pressure Cooker

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Photo by Fotolia/kmiragaya
Save time in the kitchen by using an electric pressure cooker.

Today’s electric pressure cookers are a wonderful addition to the homesteader’s kitchen. They take meat from the refrigerator to tender, juicy and table-ready in as little as 25 minutes — without even heating up the kitchen. In addition, rice, beans, potatoes and pasta are perfectly done every time without requiring the cook to stand at the stove and stir.

Simply place the ingredients in the pressure cooker, set the timer, and come back soon to a finished product.

After researching the large selection of electric pressure cookers available, I decided on one with a stainless steel inner pot and a yogurt setting. I now enjoy homemade Greek-style yogurt from raw Jersey milk that I purchase through a local dairy — it’s creamy and delicious! The pressure cooker saves me time and energy, and I regularly put it to good use.

Sonya Smith
Marshall, Texas

Sonya, we couldn’t agree more! A few of our editors swear by the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker for their meal prep. Read more about this timesaving kitchen tool at Instant Pot Is the Best Electric Pressure Cooker. — MOTHER