garden bounty 


Preserving food at home is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your grocery bills, get better flavor and nutrition, and achieve a local diet. If you don't have a food garden at home, you can stock up on in-season produce from nearby farmers markets, and take that home to preserve for year-round eating.  If you shop at the peak season for your favorite crops, you can often find very good prices for larger quantities.

Drying food is a delicious way to preserve and concentrate the flavors of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs. Your dried produce will require no electricity and very little space to store. Plus, if you grow your own food and choose to dry it with free energy from the sun by building one of these great, inexpensive solar dehydrators described in the articles below, your pantry will be stocked with near-net-zero-energy produce! Cool, eh?   


A Solar Food Dryer from Cardboard Boxes
This unique low-cost food dehydrator is extremely easy for anyone to make.