Safe Food Storage of Your Dehydrated Food

| 10/5/2015 9:57:00 AM

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After you have dehydrated and vacuum-sealed your garden's goodies, it's time to store them either for use during the winter and early spring months, or for those people who wish to have on hand an emergency supply of food — this post covers both!

I love to use Mason jars. Why? They are great for storing dehydrated food for daily/weekly use. It's so easy to screw off a lid, rather than having to cut the top seal off a vacuum-sealed pouch then having to re-vacuum seal it. Mason jars store easily in your kitchen cupboards making them a handy go-to while cooking your favorite recipe.

Use Oxygen Absorbers

With the use of Mason jars, I still use oxygen absorbers (more on those coming up in the next post). An easy way to know if the oxygen absorber is defunct is to listen for a "pop" when you unscrew the lid. If you hear that, then you know there's still some life left in the oxygen absorber. When it's completely dead, replace it.

What Size Oxygen Absorber To Use?

In my quart-size Mason jars I use a 100cc oxygen absorber, just like we use in the vacuum-sealed pouches. For the smaller pint-size Mason jars, a 50cc oxygen absorber is ample. So why use different sized jars? For lesser-used veggies, such as garlic in my case, the slices of dried garlic fit easily into the smaller half-pint Mason jars. Sometimes I'll use an "almost dead" 100cc oxygen absorber for use in the smaller half-pint Mason jars, therefore bypassing the need to purchase the smaller oxygen absorbers.

2/16/2016 10:39:49 AM

CaptainSuds: I honestly have no idea if your idea would work! Why don't you give it a try and let us know. Cheers, Susan for Easy Food Dehydrating

2/16/2016 9:28:16 AM

As a home brewer I have a fairly large canister of compressed CO2. As beer is withdrawn from a keg this non reactive gas takes up the space just occupied by the beer. This is how taverns keep beer fresh over time. What about flooding my mason jars with CO2 when I put up dried foods? Will this do a good job of preventing spoilage without altering flavor?

10/6/2015 1:48:19 PM

Hi tnguyen, thank you so much for adding that great information about Mylar! Cheers, Susan Gast

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