Electric Dehydrator Accessories (With Tips to Make Your Own)

| 8/7/2015 10:11:00 AM

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In the previous post about dehydrator pros and cons, I promised to go over some of the electric dehydrator accessories for the Nesco™ and Excalibur™ brands. Both dehydrators have special non-stick sheets available that simply slip onto your trays, like an insert. First I'll tackle the Nesco™'s solid sheets and mesh sheets — what they are and why you should consider using them.

Nesco Dehydrator "Clean-a-Screen" and Solid Sheets

The "Clean-a-Screen" inserts are a real time-saver in the clean-up department. I pretty much use them all the time. These sheets are not solid: they are mesh-patterned so as to let the air circulate. The sugars from the fruits turn sticky and remain (for the most part) on the sheets, as designed. They also help prevent your food from falling into the tray below. Foods shrink as they dehydrate — especially sliced celery!

The solid sheets are fantastic for fruit roll-ups, also known as fruit leathers. You really have no choice but to use a solid sheet because of the runny-nature of the fruit mix after blending. Check out our fruit roll-up instructions here. The solid sheets are also great for "tomato leathers" which can later have water added to make a tomato sauce.

The Nesco food dehydrator has many accessories available. Check out Amazon and eBay for great buys. The sheets are usually sold as a 2-pack and they are really reasonably priced. Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct size (diameter) sheets and/or trays for your particular model!

Nesco offer extra stackable trays so you can add to your starter model, along with Jerky Gun kits. As to how many trays to stack? I wouldn't go over 8 or 9; you'll lose the effect of the heat and your foods will take longer to dry (and not dehydrate at the proper rate).

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