Dried Raisins Recipe

Learn how to dry grapes using this Dried Raisins Recipe, the process makes it easy to preserve your grape crops in one day when using a food dehydrator.

December 2003/January 2004

Total Hands-On Time: Food dehydrator eight to 48 hours

Cook Time: Food dehydrator eight to 48 hours

This Dried Raisins Recipe makes the process of drying and preserving your grape crop complete in one day when using a food dehydrator.


This Dried Raisins Recipe is a guide to drying your grape crop and preserving this delicious fruit.

Dried Raisins Recipe

Today, with the convenience of a food dehydrator, you can turn grapes into raisins in less than one day. Thin-skinned, seedless varieties with a high sugar content and low acidity — such as `Himrod' or `Reliance' — dry into terrific-tasting raisins.

Select fully ripe, plump grapes free of mold or mildew. Drying time will vary according to the type of food dehydrator but generally takes eight to 48 hours. Stem grapes before placing on dehydrator trays.

Store dried raisins in airtight containers. Check a few days later for signs of moisture; if it is present, additional drying time is needed. (For more tips, see Choosing a Food Dehydrator, June/July 2003.)


— From The Cook's Garden by Ellen Ecker Ogden

Author Kris Wetherbee and her photographer husband, Rick, tend an 8,000-square-foot organic garden, along with sheep, cows, chickens and pigeons on their 40-acre homestead in the foothills of western Oregon.

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