DIY Wheat Thresher

Reader Contribution by The Mother Earth News Editors

In response to the article From Field to Flour: How to Grow Wheat in the April/May 2014 issue, reader Jenna Winkeller wrote to us about a homemade device that can make small-scale wheat cultivation far more efficient: a DIY wheat thresher crafted from just a bucket, drill and chain.

“Because threshing wheat by hand is so labor-intensive, it deters some people from growing it,” says Jenna, who, with her husband, Jon, operates Win-Win Farm in Gilbert, Ariz., and has been growing ‘White Sonora’ wheat for three years. “We were wary about continuing to grow it until we put together the bucket thresher. Now I don’t think we’ll ever stop!”

Check out a video of Jenna’s DIY wheat thresher in action below, and head over to Jenna’s post DIY Bucket Thresher for Backyard Wheat Growers on the Win-Win Farm blog to get instructions for assembling your own version of this wallet-friendly, timesaving tool.