Deluxe Cheese-Making Kits

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The cheese-making kits from Gardener’s Supply Company come with almost everything you’ll need to create a wide variety of homemade cheeses.

Do you like giving cheesy holiday gifts? Then you’ll delight in the delicious offerings from Gardener’s Supply Co. The company now offers cheese-making kits, each complete with the ingredients, supplies, and recipes for crafting popular cheeses, from feta to farmhouse cheddar. The “Deluxe Cheese-Making Kit,” which retails for $39.95, has everything you need to make eight types of cheese — all the cook has to do is bring the milk!

Another kit option focuses more narrowly, on making 30-minute ricotta and mozzarella. The kits aren’t for one-time use, but rather include enough ingredients to make many batches. If your loved one isn’t a dairy diehard, the company also offers kits for homemade mustard and hot sauce. Browse your options by going to